I had the pleasure of making kibashes and scrapbuilds with Pnic for my last two projects, however I finally took the plunge of doing one by myself, from start to finish.

The build

Unfortunately I didn’t took a lot of pictures while building this little guy.

The torso is actually a piece I took from a long lighter. The piece between the handle and the articulated “neck” of the lighter. It was the piece that drove the entire build.

Arms and legs are both made of beads, bootlegs hama and random round beads found in my supply store. I used a metal wire to hold everything in place. It allowed me to have some sort of articulation that helped the pose.

I somehow quickly find the idea of using the plug of an old usb cable I had lying around. It would match perfectly the “retro robot” look that I was aiming for.

Feet were made using cork.

Having a general idea of what the robot be like and what purpose it would have in this universe, I started to make a base out of coffee, cork and an old poker chip.
The poker chip idea is from Bill Making Stuff as he often use some for his Gutterlands figures.

Grounded coffee and white glue is surprisingly effective to render a earthy texture. This idea comes from a YouTube video that I unfortunately can’t remember to link here. And of course, I ued cork to simulate stones. My goal was to have a mountain-like environment so my robot could wander around to find his true purpose.

Here comes the first coat of paint.

I wanted a cool retro futuristic robot, made of simple shapes and with vivid colors. This blue-teal (Citadel’s “Ahriman Blue” to be exact) was the perfect fit.

Ultimately, the metal USB will dictate the use of chrome color for the joints.

On this picture you can also notice the base that is starting to be painted. Very simple, grey stones and brown earth.

But what’s a mountains wanderer without his walking stick?

Quite straight-forward, it’s a stick with a (broken) light bulb on top. So far, almost every person seeing this bot on my shelf is asking if the bulb is working and if I can light up the mini. Unfortunately, I can’t. But the idea isn’t bad at all…

Not seen until the finished model unfortunately, I added a little backpack made with papier mâché and tin foil.

Finished model

Decades ago, the tty_bus_0x004 unit was commissioned to transmit a serial message to an archaic terminal located on a distant planet. It was supposed to meet with a COM unit in orbit to translate its payload and be able to perform its task.
Unfortunately, its transport layer failed and send it to the wrong planet.

Since then, the know named “tty_BUS_wanderer” can be seen from time to time traveling the planet again and again, looking for the expected COM oracle.

Overall I’m very proud of this build. I like the scale, what I pulled out regarding the build, but also the painting. For a first, it’s good!

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